Annual dues for the Healing Pathway Society are due in October each year, including this one! Dues are $25.00 per year. Cheques should be mailed to the Healing Pathway Society, 95 Van Horne St, Penticton, BC. V2A 4J9.


To everyone who received an email with 347 addresses in the “To” box we apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced or caused any embarrassment. In trying to solve one problem, we created another by not using the “think” function before pressing the “send” button. We strive to make new errors rather than repeating old ones, so hopefully….

An Invitation

You are invited to join Jannice Foreman and Jim Fisk as they continue to provide enrichment for the Healing Pathway Community. They’d like to have representation from each of the United Churches in Victoria as there are Pathway practitioners in all of the congregations whether there is a practice group or not. Your involvement and input would be a valuable contribution to supporting the Healing Pathway Community. If you are interested or would like to become involved, please contact Jannice at 250-391-0249 or janniceforeman@gmail.com or Jim at 250-479-7557 jimfisk@shaw.ca.

Practitioners Needed: Healing Pathway Practitioners are needed at First-Met  to help with healing sessions on Monday and Thursday between 11:00am and 3:00pm.  Please contact Joan Mickelson at 250-385-4033.

 “Healing From The Heart” , the textbook for the Healing Pathway is now available on the Woodlake Books website. It’s $19.96 or as an e-book for $9.98.  

To get more information about the Healing Pathway, to find courses across Canada, or to become a member, see the Healing Pathway Society website.


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Healing Pathway activities around Greater Victoria

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